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 Cafe Di Roma has a long family history in the Italian restaurant business. Originally dating back to the 1950's as Marco's Italian Restaurant of Coronado California. The main chef here in Imperial Beach and co-owner is Mary one of Marco's daughters who cooked for over forty years at the iconic Marcos of Coronado. Mary has a great passion and tremendous skill and knowledge in traditional Italian cuisine.

   Mary and her husband Robert have successfully owned and operated restaurants since the late nineties after the original "Marcos" of Coronado restaurant retired with over 50 years of service to the Coronado community.

  Robert and Mary continued on in  Norman, Oklahoma and left San Diego for almost 10 years. In Oklahoma they opened Marcos Di Coronado which became quickly popular in the city of Norman, Oklahoma.

  Now after 10 years we have moved back to San Diego to rejoin family and friends. Since returning we now present "Cafe Di Roma of Imperial Beach, just a few miles south of Coronado where it all started.